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Eligibility Questionnaire

 Welcome, this is a free, confidential questionnaire that helps you find government services in Oklahoma for which you may be eligible.

The responses to these questions will not be saved or given to anyone.

There are many things that can affect your eligibility for certain programs.  They include age, disability, income, family size and other factors.  Your response to these questions does not guarantee you will qualify for services.  You will still need to apply with the agency listed in the search results.

You do not need to answer every question but, the more questions you answer, the more services you will be shown. This list does not include every program and service available in Oklahoma.

Please answer these questions for yourself or the person in need of services. You may either select Start Questionnaire to start answering questions, or choose one of the topics listed to view programs and services related to that topic. By choosing a topic, the results will not be based on your specific need but will give you a listing of programs and services related to the chosen topic.

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